Prospective staff members are interviewed by the Director and a Representative from the Administrative Committee of the Preschool & Kindergarten Board of Directors. Applicants are evaluated on the following criteria: education background, experience working with young children and the ability to teach in accordance with the schools Philosophy.
The Preschool & Kindergarten is in compliance with the Code of Virgina, which requires each staff member be certified annually to be free of any disability which would prevent them from caring for children. Proof of negative Tuberculin Test is also required for each staff member. A criminal background check is also completed for each employee.

The Preschool & Kindergarten maintains a public liability insurance policy by the Church Insurance Corporation of New York.


The Preschool & Kindergarten is located on the first/third floors of the Church of the Holy Comforter at 543 Beulah Road NE, Vienna, Virginia. The school has access to the kitchen and all other areas of the church facility, as needed. A fenced play area contains equipment, such as slides, a bridge, a climbing apparatus and a sandbox.


Holy Comforter Preschool & Kindergarten Administration

Holy Comforter Episcopal Preschool & Kindergarten is sponsored by the Church of the Holy Comforter. All matters of budget, calendar, fund-raising and policy are under the supervision of the Preschool & Kindergarten Board. The board is composed of 13 members, half of which are current preschool parent. Holy Comforter Episcopal Preschool & Kindergarten is exempt from licensure because of the tax exempt status of the Church of the Holy Comforter; however the following information is provided in accordance with the Virginia State Law Section 63.1-196.3 of the Code of Virginia.