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Check here for information that will be useful for you to know about our school.

Escorting Your Child
Students coming to school or leaving the school must be escorted to and from the classroom by parents or designated caretakers. Students must never be dropped off in the parking lot or outside the school area. Teachers will receive the children at the classroom door.


Parent Conferences
Conferences will be scheduled with parents during the school year to discuss their child's progress. A parent may request a conference with a Teacher or Director at anytime during the school year. Unscheduled conferences with the teacher can not be permitted.

Parent Volunteers
Parents are our most valuable resource and your time and talents are pivotal to the success of the preschool. Each family will be asked to completer a volunteer questionnaire. Volunteer opportunities exist in fund-raising, parent education/resource, library, computer skills, facility/playground maintenance, hospitality, substitute teaching and more.


Holy Comforter is a nut free school. Parents will provide daily snacks for their own children. Please notify the teacher if you would like to send a snack in for the entire class.  Your child will have opportunities to cook at school. Birthdays may be celebrated with a special snack.
Toilet Training
Children age two and a half:
Parents must provide diapers and wipes for a child who is not toilet trained.

Children age three, four, and five:
Children must be toilet trained and able to attend to their sanitary needs. We understand that children at these ages may have accidents and we will inform parents if one should occur.