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Holy Comforter Episcopal Kindergarten is a special place. Our program has ample supplies and materials, small class size and experienced teachers. Children can grow and learn at their own pace, developing the skills and self-esteem necessary to enter elementary school, prepared and confident.
At Holy Comforter Episcopal Kindergarten, we believe it is necessary to present children with both teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. Our Kindergarten curriculum contains objectives that exceed the Virgina Standards of Learning and include reading, phonics, math, science, writing, social studies, and spelling, along with fully integrated activities in character development, computers, Spanish, art and music.
Our Kindergarten teachers are experienced educators. They teach in both group and individual settings to ensure that your child is developing the skills necessary to enter first grade equipped and eager for the challenges ahead. The children will develop answers on their own using critical thinking and hands-on materials, while supported by encouraging, loving teachers in a warm, learning rich environment. 

Kindergarten registration for the 2018-2019 school year will begin January 2, 2018.  Parents who are interested in enrolling their children at Holy Comforter will be offered a tour as well as time to observe in the Kindergarten classroom, after January 2, 2018.  To schedule, contact Sue Gosline at 703-938-3704 or sgosline@holycomforter.com.  A parent information meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, at 9:00am.  Registration Packets are available online.  Click on all the links below, print out and complete all forms.

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Congratulations to our Kindergarten students for their outstanding accomplishments!
Iowa Test Score (Class Summary) results:
The Grade Equivalent of Average Standard Score is Grade 2.2.
The Percentile Rank of Average Standard Score is 99%.

Children will bring their nut-free lunch Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Time will be set aside for children to eat their lunch, in a relaxing atmosphere, while talking with their friends.
Children will bring a nut-free snack daily. Children may bring in a special snack & drinks to celebrate their birthday/holiday with their classmates.
Optional After School Science Explorers Program
 We offer an optional after school Science program on Mondays for the Kindergarten. The hours are 1:00pm - 2:00pm.
Our school generally follows the Fairfax County Public School calendar from September until the beginning of June. Please click the link below for our Kindergarten calendar.

2017 - 2018 Kindergarten Calendar

The school admits students of any race, religion, nationality or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges and activities generally accorded or made available through the program. The facility and play yard are accessible to the disabled.

Parent Testimonial:

"It was woonderrrful, Mommy." That is the answer I received to "How was school today?" from our kindergartner daughter yesterday when I picked her up.  If only it conveyed the joyous inflection in her voice.  This is a daily occurrence as is the fact that I am always thinking, "She wouldn't get this  or get to do that in public school." I could go on and on and on and often wish that I could turn back time and send my older child to this program.

The learning experience that my daughter is receiving this year is astounding from many perspectives - socially, diversity of the program, individualized focus, academically and nurturance - genuine enrichment, in every sense of the word.  The two full-time teachers are beyond fantastic. Teaching is done at the overall pace of all 16 kids while providing attention to every child, and making adjustments to both, as necessary, to make sure the kids really understand the lessons.

In addition to math, reading and history, she learns art by focusing on a different artist every month, science by doing real life observation and experiments, music by learning songs, notes and basic music writing, Spanish by applying to her daily classroom environment and computers with hands on experience. And, she gets to play outside twice a day on the full days - once in an organized fashion to learn playground/social rules and once for free form fun.  She is confidently growing in all ways.

Every day, there is love, affection and encouragement being showered on the kids while also teaching them to be respectful of each other and true to themselves.  All of this with a wonderfully, age-appropriate sense of humor, to boot.  It is better than Disneyworld.  It is no wonder that Mrs. Meyers literally has a cult following of parents of former/current students.

This incredible foundation that my daughter is receiving will serve her well as she joins the elementary school 1st grade next year, as well as, for the rest of her life. There is no better place for these children to get a head start on life. Thank you HCEP family. We are eternally grateful.

While we struggled withthe question of whether or not to send her to HCEP for Kindergarten - concerns about starting from scratch with friends, missing out on learning the school rules and routines, cost, driving every day - I could not be any happier with the decision to send my daughter to this incredible program.  It is a decision that gets better every day.

Anju, Class of 2015-2016 


School Hours: 

Monday and Friday
9:00 am - 1:00 am
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm