Holy Comforter Preschool & Kindergarten Parent Testimonials

HCEP (Preschool and Kindergarten) is our  "Happy Place." Since the moment we walked through the doors in 2012 we felt at home and at ease sending our daughters to Holy Comforter. As parents there is always a bit of nervousness about entrusting someone with the care of your children, but at Holy Comforter we are always confident that our kids  are safe and happy. Holy Comforter is this magical place where little ones are happy, academically challenged and learn to be caring members of society. Each teacher and staff member has  been EXCEPTIONAL and focused on helping our kids be creative, smart and  loving. You cannot find better Teachers than those at Holy Comforter. There is such a wonderful sense of community amongst the students, staff and parents. We've sent two daughters through Holy Comforter Preschool and Kindergarten and wish we could keep them both at HCEP until High School. 

Elizabeth & Dan Sughrue, Parents  2012-2019

Our son attended the Holy Comforter Pre-K and Kindergarten programs.  All I can say is WOW - what a great experience it was for him.  The wonderful thing about Holy Comforter is that it is a warm community that feels very much like home for the kids.  My son attended two pre-schools prior to Holy Comforter, but it was not until he started at Holy Comforter that he began to talk about how much he liked school, and how he could not wait to go back the next day.  The teachers take a personnel interest in each child in order to help them reach their fullest potential.  The kindergarten program is top notch and prepared my son well for first grade in the public school system.  He still talks about the teachers he had, and the friends he made while attending school there.  My husband and I were so impressed, we intend to send our daughter to the Holy Comforter preschool/kindergarten program when she is old enough.  We love this school.

Molly Nolan, Parent  2016-2018

We came to Holy Comforter because we had heard such great things about the kindergarten program - and we weren't disappointed! We had reservations about sending our daughter to public kindergarten because she has a late summer birthday, but her kindergarten year at HCEP gave her time to mature and grow in a small classroom environment with loving but firm teachers. Though she misses kindergarten, she was excited to go to first grade at our public school and has made a great transition! Kindergarten at HCEP was exactly what she needed to bridge the gap from preschool to elementary school. Our younger daughter is also at HCEP for preschool and she has also had a great experience. She is very quiet and reserved, but she has had small class sizes and her teachers have always been gentle and attentive to her needs. HCEP is a special place and we are so glad to have had our girls here.

Michelle Kim, Parent  2017-present

We came across HCEP after we struggled on whether to hold our daughter back for another year of pre-school or send her on to kindergarten.  The option that HCEP kindergarten offered of allowing our daughter to be the one to determine whether she would be ready for 1st grade or repeat kindergarten was just what we needed and ended up being the best decision we ever made!!  Our daughter, who at the time of enrollment really struggled with letter recognition, letter sounds and confidence, graduated from kindergarten READING!!  The teachers were beyond amazing!  They were encouraging, gentle, patient, loving, kind, fun and always happy....all the things you wish for.  They knew how far to push each child to success and made learning fun!  She not only gained confidence, met a great group of friends, but she truly blossomed in her year at HCEP.  My daughter graduated kindergarten and is now attending 1st grade! Her memories of her HCEP teachers and experience are still so fresh.  She deeply misses her teachers and talks about them frequently.  To me this a true testament of what a great place HCEP is and I feel blessed that my daughter was given this opportunity. 

Erin West, Parent  2017-2018